Here’s why you should choose the villa experience for your next Bali escape.

Villa vs. Hotel


Many people are accustomed to booking a hotel when looking for their long expected well deserved holiday escape. Travelling with a group, family or just a romantic getaway?

A luxury villa can be a better option than your traditional 5 star hotel. Why? Let me explain.
(not your average bookworm, but curious? just scroll down to our infographic)

In house chef Julia's Bali

In house chef

1. You are our only guest.

As you can imagine, Hotels have quite some rooms to fill…no matter their level of exclusivity. When choosing a private villa, you are our only guest. High quality villa’s treat their guests like honorary residents, hotel guest often come and go.

2. Privacy is paradise

One of the perks of being the only guest, is your privacy. No race for a sunlounger at the pool, its yours. No noisy neighbours in the hallway. sleeping in? Breakfast is served all day, if you like.

Villa Samuan siki pool view

Private pool – Villa Samuan

3. Better value.

A 4 bedroom stay in a 5 star hotel, easily costing you anything between $800 – $2000 a night. Comparing the rates with a Luxury villa holiday to a hotel vacation, it’s not only the accommodation that brings you more bang for your bucks. With your private chef, you’ll only pay for groceries with a small mark-up. Meaning you don’t have to go out and spend hundreds of dollars in restaurants. Futhermore, the menu is up to you.. your wish is our command. Also, a midnight snack is a short walk to the fridge.

Villa Samuan - chef

Villa Samuan seminyak Bali

4. Space, holds more than 5 stars.

Luxury villas give you a lot more space than a hotelroom. They are homes designed to live in, rather than a room to stay in. built by the owners as their utopia of living comfort.

5. Family / Group travel

With multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, plus kitchens, private garden pool and lounge areas, villas often provide a better “friends and family” experience than individual hotel rooms.

6. Easy travelling with kids.

Pack light, the villa has facilities to wash or staff that will do this for you. Also kids can play, run and have fun without you being scared they bother any other guests than yourself trying to read that long expected novel. Sharing your villa with another family or friends, provide more eyes than yours. Bedtime? You can stay up enjoy the evening. Also a babysitter/nanny easily arranged by the villa manager (just as easy as your in villa yoga class or massage therapist). tip: ask the staff to wash your clothing before flying back home to keep that holiday spirit just a little longer!

But what about a Concierge?

Of course you have roamed the internet for all the hotspots around town. Feeling like eating out? Japanese? Good hotels have easy access to a concierge.

Not all online villa agencies have their local expertise. Choose one that has.
Often they have inside tips on any bar, restaurant, trips and provide basic tips and tricks of local habits that will make your life easy. Providing you choose the right agent and villa.

Explore the surroundings with local knowledge.

I see where you’r going, but how do I know if I make the right choice?

Although you want a extraordinary experience, choosing your holiday accommodation at one of the DIY websites like airbnb or still is a leap of faith. With your traditional  5 star hotel choice, at least you’ll know what to expect.

Here comes the villa agent. Why should i use one?
• The owner of the villa (not you) pays the agent’s commission
• All agents have, is their reputations (both for you and villa owners), it really is in their interest to advise you the best they can.
• Using an agent is more secure. They have inspected every property first-hand and know the owners. Also, when you are in the hands of a good one. You can always fall back on them with any complaints or better, local knowledge of your destination.

Ida Bagus, Our Bali Villa specialist