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This island never ceases to amaze me

Bali Eco Bike tour


Eco Bike Tour

The Bali Eco Bike tour concept remains that of being eco-friendly. To us, this means caring about the triple bottom line: For a business to be sustainable, it must strive to balance its duty of care to … More detail


Bin House cloths are one of a kind creation. A piece of Bin House cloth may take many months, sometimes even a year to finish. Individual pieces of fine silk, adorned with intricate motifs, and displaying a harmony of colours, … More detail


It all started in my home country the Netherlands, making my living by doing what I really enjoy…
Fascinated by treasures, I was always searching for antiques, tribal arts, unique collectibles and interested in the stories behind them. After so … More detail


Echo Beach

Echo Beach is a famous surfing point in Bali Island situated in Canggu favored by the big and powerful wave that suitable for surfing adventures. This beach is also featured by the amazing panorama to the Indian Ocean, … More detail

Seminyak Beach or Oberoi Beach


Seminyak beach or Oberoi Beach

seminyak beach or Oberoi beach is Bali’s most fashionable beach, home to among the island’s luxurious resorts and host to a number of fine restaurants and boutiques. Fashion stores and top dining spots with international … More detail

PRANA SPA – Seminyak

One of the largest spas on the island of Bali, Prana, unlike any other, has been designed with a strong influence of Indian & Middle Eastern exotic architecture. Enjoy the rituals of ancient kings and queens as you journey through … More detail

BODY WORKS Bali – Seminyak

Body Works Bali

Open for over twenty years and heralded as the initiator of the Seminyak day spa model now so popular in Bali, Bodyworks bali positive reputation is built on the consistent delivery of high standard massages and beauty … More detail

Sardine Bali


Sardine Bali – Restaurant in Seminyak

Visit Sardine Bali and prepare to be wowed by this stunning and elegant addition to Bali’s fine-dining scene.
Strikingly housed in a sprawling bamboo structure overlooking rice paddies, this restaurant is equally inviting … More detail


Mama san – Restaurant in Seminyak, Bali

“The dream has always been to open a place that is more than just a restaurant” says Will Meyrick, who is the brainchild behind Bali’s success story Sarong restaurant. “An environment where people … More detail